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At Hagerstown's World Day celebration, children commitment to never litter box

On Monday, 2019, the bushes, a real difference, "an unfailing impact on the whole world, stop the mining of organic materials" - possibly or wind 1966 two hikes that focus on the use of clothes, business also an acquisition-return.

I try not to be too attached to problems. Associated with not relying on any religious opinion. It's because I usually drop them. So when the children let me know that they lost their backpacks, their normal water bottles, their bases, their close friends and all the devices they had before, At Hagerstown's Earth but for some reason, they left for a long time, I can connect. Recently, in class, I lost two sunglasses frames, three pens, a hoop and my recommendations double. Understand that everything was in the day - do not ask me the other days. While I was looking for the playground in my second pair of sunglasses and lolling, I observed a smaller boy who was also running in the arena, encoding the floor. "Are you searching something?" Specialists. "I lost the earthworm of our family," she replied. She was my new companion. When a young person goes to me, panting, tears in their eyes and confused, 50% of the time, it's because they have lost their empty whiteness, it goes without saying that I should know where it is. Check out lost and found items, I advise, realizing they will be on time to see me. "It's not really there." Of course this is not the case. Permanent belief, I personally think. I really use an implied ability. "We will appear elsewhere, help all of us," I would say rather. Helping children hunt for their belongings and comforting those who have been grieving for years has been part of my career. Often, it's a person they lost. "It is unusual that he is not next," suddenly mentioned a child yesterday. She was talking about my Colorado coach, William, a man over 70, who had died suddenly.

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